Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Dangerous Manger

I just happened upon a headline that gave some details about Congress embracing Christmas. Wonderful. The debate whether to display the traditional symbols of Christmas in public places has been with us for years now. We are all very aware of the issue. For most of this debate, my position has been "What is the harm in displaying a scene in which a baby is lying in a manger? Does it really hurt anyone?
Recently, I had a change of thinking. The manger ought to create a great deal of tension in a post Christian society. The declaration behind the manger is this: "Unto us...a Savior is born..."
You don't need a Savior unless you need saving! You have to be in a great deal of trouble to need a rescuer.
Maybe there ought to be a whole lot of tension. Maybe those who don't embrace Jesus have a better grasp on the significance and power of the manger than those of us who do embrace Jesus. I'm just thinking. . .