Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Blind Beggar. . .

There were two beggars in a crowded city with several things in common, but one thing that was very different. They were both completely blind. They both located themselves on a busy corner of a very busy street. They both had a big tin pot to hold the money that those passing by gave them. And they both held signs asking for contributions. The one thing that was very different was the amount that they received daily in that tin pot. One barely made enough to live on and the other was provided for generously. His tin pot overflowed.
What made the difference? It was what was printed on their signs. The beggar that barely scraped by had a sign that read: “I am blind.” And the beggar that had an overflowing cup had a sign that read: “It is springtime and I am blind.”

Are you surrounded by signs of spiritual life, but unable to see them?