Friday, February 13, 2009

Jesus Stays Up!

Lately I’ve been thinking about Peter’s experience in the boat when he saw Jesus walking on the water. Do you remember? Jesus had sent the disciples on ahead of Him while he prayed. In the middle of the night, a furious squall came upon them while they were on the water. Perhaps Peter, more than any other, knew the danger they were in. He had probably seen bodies wash up on the shore from storms like this before. Can you imagine the panic of the disciples, especially the white collared guys like Matthew and Thomas? Peter must have had his hands full keeping both the boat and the men steady!
All of a sudden, there he was. . .Jesus was walking on the water! Right there in the midst of the waves and the wind, Jesus was WALKING ON THE WATER! One of the best lines in the Bible is when Peter says to the Lord, “If it is you, tell me to come.” Isn’t that great?!? Peter is not going to get out of the boat for just any Joe walking on the water in the fourth watch of the night! He wants to be sure that it is Jesus.
Jesus tells him to come, and then it happens. . .Peter gets out of the boat and he WALKS ON WATER!
Don’t jump too fast to the part where he looks around, taking his eyes off Jesus and sinks. Don’t move too quickly to the wonderful reality that Jesus snatches him from the waves and saves him. Peter WALKED ON THE WATER!!! The same power that was in Jesus went into Peter. AMAZING!
Do you think that Peter showed exceptional faith? I’m not sure. What if Peter’s thought process went like this: “This boat is going down. . .and Jesus is staying up!” Where would you have gone?
There is something in that story for us right now! It seems like so many things are going down all around us. The economy, morality, your retirement investments. . .
I want to remind you that no matter how strong the wind and the waves get in this present storm, JESUS IS STAYING UP! And if you will respond to Him in faith (i.e. get out of the boat), the same power that is in Him will flow through you!